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Kevin Michaels, Aviation Week 

April 10, 2024

Credit: CFM

Opinion: What Boeing Can Learn From GE Aerospace


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Richard Aboulafia, MarketWatch

March 27, 2024

Credit: AFP via Getty Images

Opinion: Boeing had a good week cleaning house - but now here comes the hard part

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Richard Aboulafia, Aviation Week

March 14, 2024

Credit: Sikorsky

Five Signs a Rotocraft Program Might Be Doomed

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Kevin Michaels, Aviation Week

February 29, 2024

Credit: Lockheed Martin

Opinion: Quantifying The Economic Impact of Supply Chain Bottlenecks
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Insights by Richard Aboulafia

The monthly newsletters are the cover page to Richard's updates to his World Military and Civil Aircraft briefing and include some of Richard's then-current thoughts on the industry.

Links to recommended aerospace-related podcasts, panel recordings, radio segments, televised interviews, presentations, commentary, articles and blogs.

Richard's articles for industry publications & conference presentations.

Insights by Kevin Michaels

Kevin Michaels AeroDynamic: The High-Stakes Global Jetliner Ecosystem Kevin's book traces the transformation of the commercial aircraft business from 1990 to the present. This $300B industry is not only the pinnacle of high technology and advanced manufacturing; it is also amongst the largest export industries for many advanced economies and a key enabler of military aerospace and national defense.

Learn more about the book

As a contributing columnist for Aviation Week since 2011, Kevin has provided numerous articles on industry trends and more. 

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